Frequently Asked Questions


How long will construction last?

Who is the community liaison for the Contractor?

Will there be road closures during construction?

Will there be more openings during construction?

What will the new bridge clearance be at high and low tides for marine traffic?

Why will the new bridge be the same height as the existing bridge?

Will there be boating navigation issues during construction?

Is there an automatic email list that sends out information to boaters?

What is the location of and hours for the Field Office?

Why are there times when no construction activity is happening?

How many pilings will be installed?

What is being done about the vibration during construction activities?

How much of the bridge work will be done during nighttime hours?

What is the cost of replacing the bridge?

Can I get a map for the bridge?

Will there be a traffic light at the intersection of Ward Avenue and Rumson Road in Rumson?

Are there plans to implement strategies suggested in the 2021 NJ Climate Change Resilience Strategy?

Why were so many trees along Rumson Road removed?

How will the remaining existing trees in West Park be protected during construction?

What is going to be done to protect the neighborhood quality of life from the increased traffic when the new bridge is completed?

Will there be shade trees and benches facing the water in the park on Sea Bright side?

What happened to the Dunkin’ Donuts in Sea Bright and why was the building demolished?

How can I stay informed, ask questions, or offer suggestions?

LCD Study, Local Preliminary Engineering, and Final Design Phases

What is the schedule for the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge S-32 replacement project?

The following are the completed phases and the proposed schedule for construction:

LCD Project Schedule (Major Milestones Completed)

Develop Project Purpose and Need Statement May 2012
Development of Conceptual Alternatives July 2012
Selection of Preliminary Preferred Alternative November 2012
Submission of Draft Concept Development Report February 2013
Completion of Concept Development Phase April 2013

LPE Project Schedule (Major Milestones Completed)

Environmental Documentation Completed Fall 2016
Submission of Preliminary Engineering Report Fall 2016
Completion of Preliminary Engineering Phase Spring 2017

Final Design Project Schedule (Major Milestones Completed)

Environmental Documentation and Permits Spring 2020
Submission of Final Design Plans Spring 2020
Completion of Final Design Phase Summer 2020

Construction Project Schedule (Major Milestones Anticipated)

Award of Construction Contract Spring 2021
Start of Construction Field Activity Late Summer 2021
Completion of Construction Spring 2025

What kind of a bridge is the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge?

Why is this bridge replacement necessary?

Have the project’s improvements been decided?

How will the project benefit pedestrians and bicyclists?

How much will the bridge replacement cost and who will pay for it?

What is an LCD study?

What is the existing condition of the bridge?

How will the project affect the environment?

Does Monmouth County plan to widen the bridge?

Why get involved?

Why attend the public meetings?

What if I have other questions or concerns about the project?

Local Project Delivery Process

Purpose & Need Statement

Data Collection & Environmental Screening Report

Selection of Preliminary Preferred Alternative

Concept Development Report

NEPA Classification

Create Design Communications Report

Approved Design Exception Report

Cost Estimates (Final Design, ROW & Construction)

Approved Environmental Document

Approved Project Plan

Preliminary Engineering Report

Update Design Communications Report

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

Construction Contract Documents & PS&E Package

Environmental Reevaluations

Environmental Permits

Acquisition of ROW

Update Design Communications Report

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

Implement and Complete Construction

Continue Public Outreach


Update and Finalize Design Communications Report

Close-out Documentation

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